The demand for transvenous lead extraction (TLE) continues to rise; there is an annual extraction rate of nearly 24,000 patients worldwide.  This growth is a consequence of expanding cardiovascular electronic implantable device (CIED) indications, improved patient longevity, an increase in CIED related infections, lead advisories, and newer tools and techniques associated with higher success rates.  Despite these advances, data regarding TLE practices and outcomes are limited to single center observational data and retrospective multicenter analyses at high-volume centers.  The field of lead extraction is full of unanswered questions.  

Extract is the first prospective multicenter registry of patients undergoing TLE in the US.  The primary objective of the registry is to evaluate outcomes with TLE.  The secondary objective is to describe patient and procedural characteristics.  Data is collected and managed using a secure, web-based application.  While each center controls and maintains their own data, collaboration is the goal of the Extract Study Group.

Collaborative research is essential to report real world experience with TLE and to the continued advancement of the field.  It is hoped that Extract will become a powerful tool that provides real-world answers to clinical challenges in both patient management and the technical aspects of TLE.