Our Mission

Extract is the first prospective multi-center registry of patients undergoing TLE in the US. The primary objective of the registry is to evaluate outcomes with TLE.  Secondary objectives are to describe patient and procedural characteristics, and to provide "real world" data to help advance the field of lead management and transvenous lead extraction.

Active Centers

Here you will find a list of centers actively enrolling patients in Extract.  Presently, we have six active centers from six states.  The number of centers activated continues to rise daily.  If you or your center is interested in participating, please contact us using the link at the top of the page.  

The Registry

Clinical registries are significant contributors to scientific knowledge that provide a snapshot of "real world" practices and outcomes.  The value of clinical databases is increasingly recognized by providers, payers, and the scientific community.  Registries contribute to the scientific literature, clinical practice guidelines, and the quality of care.